THE HOUSE WITHIN is a new and innovative psychological framework helping people to understand and manage their emotions, using fresh and innovative concepts, combined with user friendly, tools and techniques.

THE HOUSE WITHIN uses only everyday language, with universally relatable concepts and simple words.

THE HOUSE WITHIN makes emotions easy to understand and simpler to manage.

THE HOUSE WITHIN is a psychoeducational approach to mental health and emotional wellbeing, promoting the need to teach people how their emotions work and how they can learn to manage their emotions.

THE HOUSE WITHIN framework is based on simple, familiar language, and a universal, visual image of a house. The House Within has 5 Floors; an ATTIC, an UPSTAIRS, a GROUND FLOOR, a BASEMENT and a CELLAR, which represent 5 different emotional states of mind. We function differently on each of these Floors. We all have all these 5 Floors. The GROUND FLOOR is the Floor which promotes optimal wellbeing.

THE HOUSE WITHIN approach was developed by Pauline Pearson in Melbourne, Australia.
It has been used in clinical practice since 2012 and taught in workshops since 2017.

About Pauline Pearson

Pauline Pearson is a mental health social worker and psychotherapist in Melbourne, Australia.

Pauline brings to many years of clinical practice, a keen interest in developing ways to help people understand more about their emotional lives so they can feel better able to manage emotionally.

She has a skill in simplifying the essence of complex theories, making them more accessible for the community. Pauline creates psychosocial models by bringing together understandings from a range of disciplines and information sources.

In THE HOUSE WITHIN she draws on her knowledge from a science degree, an interest in neuroscience, experience in psychoanalysis, training in psychology and an appreciation of the work of Dante’s Divine comedy, to complement what she has learned by listening to the many people she works with in counselling and therapy, and her own experience of therapy.

Pauline has worked at the University of Melbourne as both a counsellor, and seminar leader in the Bachelor of Social Work course. For many years she managed a large community counselling service in Melbourne. She has also taught counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and the Southern School of Natural Therapies. For the past 20 years, Pauline has been in private practice in Carlton, Melbourne.

Her grandparents were migrants to Melbourne from the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily. While her grandparents had very little education, her grandfather had a keen interest in and curiosity about many subjects. Her mother, who was highly educated, became a school librarian who helped children develop their interest in reading, often encouraging her students to start with the simplest of literature.

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